Dive into an elegant High-End Pool

Don’t decide between having one or the other, it’s time to explore the high-end design of swimming pools and spas in Melbourne.

At Exotic Pools, we know the importance of giving you the best swimming pools and spas Melbourne has to offer! All of our swimming pools and spas are individually designed to suit your lifestyle and tailored to suit your individual desires.

Designing high-end spaces that incorporate swimming pools and spas in Melbourne requires bringing together the elements of luxury, functionality, and of course, aesthetics.

Here we show you just some of the different designs Exotic Pools has created that seamlessly blend these elements to create an indulgent and relaxed space perfect for your home.

Simple elegance

This design features clean lines, luxurious materials, and a touch of understated elegance. The swimming pool has a lowered edge, creating a seamless transition between the crystal-clear water and the sophisticated entry point to the spa.

Adjacent to the pool, a raised spa offers a private, yet welcoming space, perfect for some relaxation time.


Exotic pools - High End Pool

The use of natural-looking tiles displays the spa as being just a stepping stone away from the rest of the entertainment area. This design is perfect for anyone looking to create that simple, yet elegant-looking combination for their home.

Exotic pools - High End Pool Cabana

Tropical oasis

Palm trees, beautiful gardens, and bright flowers surround the outside of this resort-style pool and spa, complete with a waterfall. But what makes this beauty stand out even more is the thatched roof, which houses the swim-up bar. Yes, you can enjoy a relaxing day in your very own resort-style pool with a cocktail in hand.

A touch of flair

Bright and bold lights and decorative pieces above encompass this design. What better way to spend your day or night than lounging by the pool? Lay back and take in your surroundings either in or out of the water.

An infinity edge creates the never-ending feel that this is one pool and spa combo that not only goes on and on but is nestled at the perfect height that almost makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!

Exotic pools - High End Pool Vase

What does your dream pool and spa look like? These are just some of the designs Exotic Pools can create for you. The possibilities are endless, whether you prefer a touch of tradition or a more modern approach, each design we create offers a unique interpretation of luxury and relaxation to suit you.

Get in touch with our team to find out how.