Take a dip in the naked healthy alternative – Natural Pools

A natural pool is perfect if you’re looking for an option that is healthy, chemical-free and connects you back to nature.

Not only do they look fantastic, but they also come with plenty of health and environmental benefits.

Have a read below to discover why you should be taking a dip in natural pools.


Because natural pools are chemical-free they require plants to keep them clean.

There is an array of different aquatic plants (including submerged and floating) that are great options for controlling algae.

Many of these are attractive options which add to the overall ambience of a natural pool.

Natural Pools
Natural pools


At Exotic Pools we know Natural swimming pools are relatively easy to maintain. There’s no need for chlorine top-ups or maintenance during the pool season.
You also don’t have to worry about expensive heating methods, making natural pools an attractive option if you want a pool without the fuss.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier option for your backyard, this is the pool for you.
Given its natural properties, these pools can often prove fertile nesting areas for frogs and wildlife.
As you get back to nature, welcome some new animal friends alongside you.

Low Irritation

You won’t have to worry about getting chlorine in your eyes here.
A lack of chemicals means that natural pools are ideal if you have sensitive skin.
Put on a mud mask and let your skin breathe as you unwind in the calm oasis of your natural pool.
We can tell you more about it, contact our team at EXOTIC POOLS.

Chemical-free, low-maintenance, eco-friendly and low-irritation. What more could you want?
Natural pools are a fantastic choice for any home. Beautiful and idyllic for getting back to nature.

Natural pools in backyard

With innovative, yet affordable designs EXOTIC POOLS are experts when it comes to getting you the perfect pool for your home.

Talk to the team today and get swimming. Naturally.