Striking Swimming Pool Designs Melbourne

Building your pool is more than another home project.

It’s a stunning addition to your abode that allows you to have boundless access to paradise. For striking swimming pool designs in Melbourne, look no further.

Pools aren’t just for hotels and apartments. Now more than ever, pools are valuable additions to any home and add to the aesthetics. For play, leisure, or therapy, let’s talk about striking pool designs for your Melbourne home.

Add Water Features

Incorporating water features into your pool gives it an instant luxe look.

Here are some ideas:

Custom Spouts – These bring water from a water body into a pool through spouts that are attached to the wall of the pool.

Striking Swimming Pool Designs Melbourne

They sit higher than the normal water level of the pool. Not only to they appeal visually, the sound of falling water is soothing.

Striking Swimming Pool Designs - Exotic

Bubblers– They bubble water from beneath the pool, so you hear a pleasant and soothing sound.

Deck Jets – these are jets capable of shooting water from the swimming pool deck into the pool. The thin but strong streams of water pouring from the jets and surrounding the pool looks great.

Blade Water-feature – attached to a raised side of the pool or wall beside the pool, they are similar to waterfalls. They produce a defined arc and have a focal point where they land. The splashing sound of water is determined by the height of the descent.

Use a Variety of Lights

Lights can accentuate the beauty of a pool, especially at night. Lights can be in or around your pool.

Flush-mounted underwater LED lights are mounted on the wall inside the pool below water level.

They create a nice pattern and sparkle from within the pool.

Striking Swimming Pool Designs

Incorporate Features on The Tanning Shelf

A tanning shelf, or ledge is a wide shallow pool of water at the entrance of the pool, that also serves as steps into the pool.

Consider making the shelf spacious enough to place lounge chairs, a table and umbrella.

Having your body partially submerged in water while reading a book or having a drink is soothing and a wonderful way to relax.

Striking Swimming Pool Designs

Colour Scheme

Create a seamless transition of space by continuing the aesthetics from your home and into your pool area.

It’s so important to find the right balance between your pool tiles, paving, decking, and exterior house colour so that your pool and outdoor area showcase a striking and continuous flow.

We’re seeing a lot of monotone and earthy tones currently, with whites, blacks and greys being used; often paired with natural stone and/or honed concrete.

Natural timber fences and panels are also being used to create great texture.

We’d love to assist in creating a colour scheme that’s just right for your house and style!

Exotic Pools Can Build the Pool of Your Dreams

Exotic Pools are specialists in the design and construction of high-quality pools. We believe in innovative yet affordable pools. Whether you want a courtyard pool, lap pool, natural pool, spa or water features, be assured you will get an amazing end result. We work with you to build you a pool that suits your home and lifestyle. Contact Exotic Pools today.