Sloping blocks pool builder Melbourne

Sloping block? No problem! If you’re looking for a sloping blocks pool builder Melbourne, you have found us.

Every yard and pool dream can be different, bringing with it individual challenges and careful planning, but having the best sloping blocks pool builder Melbourne on your side means you’re one step closer to seeing it come to life!

Whether it’s a contemporary infinity pool that fits perfectly into its surrounding environment or a traditional lap pool that nestles into the incline, as a sloping blocks pool builder Melbourne, EXOTIC POOLS MELBOURNE will work with you to incorporate your vision, preferences and lifestyle needs into the design.

Pools built on sloping blocks

You might live in a hilly suburb or be the lucky one with the amazing views or your land is just an unusual shape, but the good news is that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool.

With thoughtful planning, innovative design and expert craftsmanship, pools on sloping blocks can become captivating focal points and be the best spot for entertaining family and friends.

Sloping blocks pool builder melbourne

Tips and hints for building a pool on a sloping block

Sloping blocks pool builder Melbourne

While we know everyone has probably dreamed up their ideal pool, the type of pool that can be built on a sloping block depends on factors including the overall site conditions, design preferences and even budget constraints.

One of the biggest challenges of building a pool on a sloping block is irregular terrain and ensuring structural integrity.

Sloping blocks need to stabilise the slope and prevent soil erosion.
This may involve earth-moving and retaining wall construction to ensure proper drainage systems – These may need to be incorporated to manage water runoff and prevent flooding or erosion during heavy rain events.

Working with a builder like EXOTIC POOLS MELBOURNE who is familiar with all the regulations and required approvals will help your project run a lot more smoothly!

Choosing a pool for sloping blocks

We at EXOTIC POOLS MELBOURNE believe Sloping blocks offer opportunities for creative pool designs that take advantage of the terrain’s elevation changes. For example, incorporating water features, tiered seating areas, or even elevated spa zones.

All of our swimming pools at EXOTIC POOLS MELBOURNE are individually designed to suit your lifestyle and tailored to suit your individual wants and needs.

Is it time to turn that dream pool into a swimming reality? Our team at EXOTIC POOLS MELBOURNE is here to help guide you through the process, so get in touch with us.