Plunge Pools Melbourne

Looking for a way to have a dip and relax outdoors in the comfort of your own home? Plunge pools in Melbourne are becoming increasingly popular.

Plunge pools in Melbourne have become popular recently, and it’s easy to see why. They are a great way to sit and relax, escaping the intense summer heat. With Exotic Pools making it easy to have one of your own, what’s not to love?

Ever wanted to have your own pool, but have limited space for it? Unlike regular pools, plunge pools are not for serious swimming. They’re designed for cooling off, relaxing and wading.

They are typically deeper at 1.2 metres or more, and measure between four to seven metres in length and two to three metres in width. 

What Are the Benefits of A Plunge Pool?

It’s perfect for those of us who want a pool but don’t have the space needed for a traditional larger pool, or if you simply don’t need a pool for speed laps!

Plunge pools usually contain generous seating. The advantages don’t stop there. They can be multi functional too.

Many plunge pool owners use it for gentle aquacising, and spa jets can be built in for hydrotherapy.

These are excellent for relieving stress and providing relief from muscular injuries and other pain – a light full-body massage if you will.

Some owners even add an underwater treadmill or water bike, for cardiovascular fitness and improved muscle tone. Who would’ve thought this was even possible?

Plunge Pools Melbourne
Plunge Pools Melbourne

Trust In the Plunge Pool Specialists

Exotic Pools has years of experience constructing plunge pools in homes all over Melbourne and surroundings.

A quick look at your desired pool area, and we will know just the right dimensions and colours to suit your home’s colour scheme.


Tell us what you hope to get out of this pool, and we’ll help you decide on any additional features. Exotic Pools will work out a plan to get your pool completed in the shortest time frame possible. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own plunge pool!

Experience the joy of having a plunge pool right on your premises. More than just for relaxation, you may even enjoy its many therapeutic benefits.

For better mind and body, contact us today to start planning.