It has been talked about for years now, and it is now set in concrete – or fibreglass!  Victorian Pool Registration Laws are now in place and are here to help prevent the unthinkable.

With an average of four Victorian children drowning each year in backyard pools, and a much higher number of close calls being rushed to hospital emergency rooms, the new Victorian Pool Registration Laws couldn’t come any sooner.

While nothing beats active supervision when it comes to pool and spa safety, any move to reduce the potential for accidents is welcomed with open arms.  The Victorian Pool Registration Laws, which came into effect on the 1st of December 2019, are a giant step in the right direction.

Exotic Pools - New Victorian Pool Registration Laws

Introduced by The Victorian Building Authority (VBA), the new laws include detailed guidelines regarding pool and spa safety barriers, installation and registration requirements, as well as inspection, compliance and certification criteria. 

Property owners are required to register their pools and spas with their local council by the 1st of June 2020.  Registration includes safety barrier inspections every 4 years.

Of the 27 young children who have died from drowning in private pools and spas over the last 19 years, at least 20 of these cases involved non-compliant safety barriers.

The Exotic Pools team applauds the VBA for bringing the new Victorian Pool Registration Laws into effect and hopes that we’ll start to see a significant drop – or even a complete eradication – of pool and spa accidents in private backyards.

With the #safepoolsaregreatpools campaign gathering momentum, we believe it will only be a matter of time before Victorian property owners all become aware of the new requirements and do their part in creating safe backyard pool areas across the state.

It is important that everyone who is affected by the new laws is made aware and is given the correct information.  For more details about pool and spa compliance and registration, check out the guide on the Victorian Building Authority Website.  It will also help if everyone passes this information on to friends and family.

Alternatively, Exotic Pools welcomes any questions or discussions about the pool registration laws and looks forward to helping Victorians create a backyard oasis that is both enjoyable and safe!