Lilydale Pool and Spa Renovation

Tired of your old pool, not getting the use out of it because it’s hard to clean, the render is cracking, and the paving is looking hard done by?

Maybe you want to add LED lighting to your spa, change the type of pool water or completely retile your pool.

Well, we did just that and more for our client’s Lilydale Pool and Spa Renovation.

Check out these before and after photos!

How amazing does the Lilydale Pool and Spa Renvation look?

Lilydale Pool and Spa Renovation

Retiling the Pool

The pool originally had a rendered interior which we tiled with new Ash Grey 48mm ceramic tiles – which perfectly harmonise with the surrounding grey pavers. The difference these tiles made to the overall appearance of the pool was transformational.

We also renovated the coping paving (which not only helps prevent significant water damage but also creates the finishing touch to your new pool area) as well as the other paving. We demolished the existing pavers and laid the new ones from RMS Traders in the colour Tundra Light.

Lilydale Pool and Spa Renovation

Lighting, Cleaning & More

The team at Exotic Pools changed the lights to multicoloured LED lights – how fantastic will these look at night!

We also added a brand new light into the spa.

We changed the equipment so that it’s all automated, so our Lilydale Pool and Spa Renovation clients can use the HALO System via their phone or tablet with an app. The new HALO automation system means less time fiddling around with the equipment and more time swimming in the pool or relaxing in the spa.

The spa was in need of a new heater, so we set up a gas heater – a great heat source no matter the season.

To finish off our pool and space renovation nicely, we change over the pool water from salt to magnesium. Magnesium pools, also referred to as mineral pools, are the best choice for people with allergies or skin conditions.

Magnesium as a mineral can also relieve stress, so getting in for a short swim in these pools can have you feeling more relaxed.

Has this Lilydale Pool and Spa Renovation inspired you? Contact us to discuss how we can begin building your own backyard oasis.