Inground Lap Pools Melbourne

Ever wanted a pool in your backyard, but think you don’t have the space? Inground lap pools in Melbourne are great for narrow lots!

Lap pools are typically rectangular in shape, making them ideal for narrow and shallow spaces.

Inground lap pools for Melbourne homes are a great option for you if you want to swim to stay fit yet have a narrower yard. Lap pools are usually long and rectangular in shape, often more than 15 metres in length. They don’t take up excessive space, making them perfect for those of you whose backyards are tight rather than big and sprawling.

Great for a workout

Generally, these pools are used for fitness as opposed to just relaxing. There are numerous health benefits to having a pool like this.

It enables you to have an effective yet pleasant workout; its length is perfect for doing laps. Swimming for fitness can help to decrease anxiety levels and improves your mood.

Inground Lap Pools Melbourne

You can lux it up

Lap pools are often modern and stylish, fitting in with the trends of today. Usually lined with contemporary plants or a sophisticated glass fence, lap pools look as good as they feel to be in them. The experts at Exotic Pools can help you decide on the colours and the actual style so that it suits your home.

You can even have a spa (or hot tub) attached to the pool. It’s basically a rectangle or square extension at one end, with a wall between it and the main pool, keeping them separate and functioning independently. Imagine being able to exercise with vigorous laps, then unwind with a soak in the spa straight away! It doesn’t get much better.

Inground Lap Pools Melbourne

The Specialists in Home Pools

The team at Exotic Pools are specialists in designing and constructing innovative and luxurious swimming pools.

All our pools are individually designed to suit your lifestyle and tailored to accommodate your individual wants and needs.

We will work hard to build you the pool of your dreams. Our expertise is in

Go on, it’s time to do something for yourself and your home. Contact the team at Exotic Pools to get answers to all your questions and begin planning your dream pool.