Healesville Swimming Pool Builder

A stunning freshwater pool that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings and has extra health benefits.

For decades, chlorinated pools have aggravated those with skin conditions.

Now there’s a revolutionary system which solves that problem.

A Naked Freshwater Pool System has been installed at this Healesville home. This latest work is a prime example of contemporary design that doesn’t sacrifice being dermatologically safe – something that you can expect to see more often in the very near future.


This Healesville swimming pool is a perfect example of how to integrate a swimming pool into the natural beauty of your backyard.

Healsville Infinity Edge Pool

Healesville Freshwater Swimming Pool Build

While conventional pools use chlorine or salt to sanitize the water, the Naked Freshwater Pool System steps away from this concept.

The system is made up of a digital control unit that supplies current to the electrode assembly. Electrolysis passes through copper and silver anodes releasing the ions into the water. The silver disinfects the water by controlling bacteria and the copper prevents algae growth.

Silver has been known to disinfect and promote healing in the skin, so this is a much-needed solution to the chlorine and salt irritation that many people experience.

Swimming Pool Features

This swimming pool has the following features:
– 8m x 4m in size
– Infinity edge (Negative edge)
– 20mm black glass mosaics around the sides/walls of the pool which gives it a darker tone

It has a contemporary and moody look, far removed from the more common bright blue pools.

 Convenience All Year Round

This pool has a Maytronics robotic cleaner. It’s the best in underwater robotic vacuum cleaners. It uses smart navigation to suck up debris, scrub the floor and climb the walls to scrub at the waterline, keeping the water crystal clear.

The pool has a 19kw heat pump installed, for comfortable year-round swimming. For extra convenience, the auto water leveler ensures the pool always has the required amount of water in it so you don’t have to top it up manually with a hose.

Pool Safety Is Key

The grating system on this infinity pool is childproof and adheres to Australian legislation. The modern glass fencing is also compliant with Australian laws and restricts young children from accessing the pool.

Healsville Infinity Edge Pool 4
Healesville Freshwater Pool Pool
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