Inground Pool Build Blackburn North

Pools have changed dramatically since they were first introduced into homes.

The designs we see at EXOTIC POOLS MELBOURNE show swimming pool trends reverting back to straight lines, as you can see in Blackburn North Swimming pools latest work.

Pools began as rectangular bodies of water before moving to free-form designs that created a ‘paradise’ in our backyards. Trends come and go in a cycle. As pictured here in Blackburn North, the latest work takes us right back to a minimalist look!

Inground Pool Build Blackburn North

Pictured here, see the straight lines, a cool blue square-ish pool enclosed in a glass fence – it’s simple sophistication at its best. As the house is a contemporary structure, the pool mimics this design creating a continuation from the house to the yard.

At 6m x 4.5m, this Blackburn North swimming pool fits perfectly in the space available, leaving plenty of room for other features. A beach area and full-length seats make this a place not just for recreation but for relaxation too. There’s also a section of grass outside the pool area for the young ones to play.

The chosen tiles are 48mm ceramic mosaics in Carrara, which create a touch of brightness to offset the darker hues of the house. The paving is ivory travertine, a natural stone tile that is straightforward to lay and is timelessly elegant.

This pool has Paramount PV3, a cleaning system built into the floor of the pool that cleans while you play and relax. An installed heat pump makes swimming comfortable all year round and an auto water leveler tops up the pool via a concealed hose whenever water levels drop too low.

Blackburn North Swimming Pools Latest Work

The Extras

Blackburn North Swimming Pools Latest Work

The glass curved fencing around this Blackburn North swimming pool provides a softness to the aesthetics.

This stunning swimming pool enclosure embodies modern design trends. The breathtaking landscape is the result of Exotic Pools Melbourne’s collaboration with skilled local partners. Their years of experience ensured a beautiful landscape tailored to suit the home’s unique style.

Muti-coloured LED pool lighting ensures that the pool is still accessible at dusk and into the night on those warm-balmy Melbourne summer nights.  


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