Bespoke Pool Builder Melbourne

Having your own pool is one of the most rewarding features you could have in your Melbourne home. To design your own, you need a bespoke pool builder in Melbourne.

A backyard pool has to be one of the best things you could possibly add to your property.

Even better would be a custom designed pool that fits your home and your lifestyle. A bespoke pool builder Melbourne will guide and inspire you, accommodating all of your ideas and visions, ensuring your pool is unique and the perfect addition to your home.

Bespoke Pool Builder Melbourne

A pool in your own home is the ultimate in luxury – it has so many purposes. Perhaps you want a space to relax. Or to keep fit. To entertain.

Maybe you want your kids to have a private pool to play in, or you want quality time with the family.

You should have the best pool that you can afford and one that you and your loved ones can truly enjoy all year round.

Ideally, you’ll have a pool that fits perfectly in your backyard or chosen area. And aesthetically, it will flow seamlessly from your home, complementing its style.

Here’s why you should have a bespoke pool.

Bespoke Pool Builders Melbourne
Melbourne Bespoke Pool Builders

A Design That Fits Your Lifestyle

Your idea of a dream pool may be for family time, or a place to entertain your friends. Perhaps keeping fit is your main goal. A bespoke pool can be fashioned after your lifestyle.

A traditional design is ideal for family fun and relaxation, an infinity pool is luxurious and looks stunning. A lap pool is best for swimming laps and other exercises.

You Decide on The Shape

The shape of the pool is the most pertinent part of its design and construction.

The functionality and special features are determined by the shape.

As long as it fits in your property, you are completely in control of your pool shape.

Bespoke Pool Builder Melbourne
Melbourne Bespoke Pool Builder

Custom Features

A bespoke pool means you can add as many features as you like. Water features like fountains and slides; a spa at one end of the pool.

You can have a themed landscape, and even an outdoor kitchen or bar.  You’ll also have the option of adding covers or decking in the materials of your choice.

These will provide a fantastic hangout area for family and friends.


Landscaping is vital in completing the look of your pool and often goes hand in hand with the pool construction.

As an example, your pool area can look like a tropical paradise if you wish, and you can request certain plants, trees and flowers be planted.

We at Exotic Pools take pride in designing and constructing pools that are innovative, yet affordable. All our pools are individually designed to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

For your dream lap pool, formal pool, natural pool, spa, and water features, be sure to contact Exotic Pools.