An expansive Ballarat property with room to accommodate the homeowners’ grand vision for their dream outdoor space was presented to Exotic Pools. The homeowners sought a backyard that exemplified family-fun, entertainment, relaxation and beautiful aesthetics – the ultimate in pool and outdoor design.

With the input of the homeowners, Exotic Pools constructed the pool based on architectural drawings. The site was precisely dug-out with a large excavator to obtain the different levels and configuration of the project. Supported with drilled piers, the installation of the entire pool area has resulted in a space to envy.

The 9.6m x 9.1m pool boasts sleek, contemporary lines to keep in theme with the feel of the home. An inter-connected 2.6m x 2.6m spa and 4m x 4m wading pool complements the main pool, providing fun for the whole family that the homeowners first specified. The space has been cleverly designed to ensure easy access from all sides of the main pool – the spa and a sitting ledge in the main pool in close proximity to the outdoor entertaining area reiterates the calculated convenience of the design.

Ballarat Pool and Spa
Ballarat Pool and Spa Builder

The pool’s surface is fully covered with glass tiles, while natural sawn bluestone pavers and coping were selected to mirror the interior of the pool and the water colour. As with all grand designs, the pool is fitted with impressive technologies and sanitisation systems, including a Paramount in-floor cleaning system with separate 2.0hp pump and a Pentair 30-inch filter, as well as solar and gas heating.

An Aqualink RS8 has also been installed for total control of the pool and spa equipment. The pool and spa’s heating can also be controlled remotely by an iPhone application to guarantee a warm, inviting pool and spa whenever needed.

To complete the stunning aesthetic of the backyard, a tennis court was constructed adjacent to the swimming pool and spa. The entire space, from the home’s back door, entertaining area and pool surrounds was paved in order to integrate the myriad of impressive outdoor features with the lush, green tennis court.

Established in 1995, Exotic Pools is a division of Ultracourts, and together the companies are able to offer a complete project package that often encompasses the construction of a swimming pool, a tennis court and the surrounding paving.

A member of Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) and Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), Exotic Pools constructs individually-designed, high-quality indoor and outdoor inground concrete swimming pools and spas in accordance with SPASA guidelines.
As well as designing pools, the company can also work with landscape artists, architects and designers to build pools and spas from existing plans.

Committed to providing the highest standard of workmanship, all Exotic Pools projects are backed by warranties and after-sales service. The company’s aim is to design and construct swimming pools that are high-quality in both appearance and function, yet in keeping with its mantra of affordable elegance.