2024 Plunge Pool Trends Melbourne

Plunge pools are becoming more and more popular in Melbourne. They are a great option for those who want a pool but just don’t have the space.

Innovative designs and functional enhancements redefine the plunge pool and we’ve gathered some 2024 plunge pool design trends Melbourne that will improve your experience.

What is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a compact and stylish option for homeowners. Smaller than traditional pools, these spaces offer a harmonious blend of form and function that is ideal for those seeking luxury within limited outdoor space. Plunge pools are more geared towards relaxation and recreation rather than serious swimming

Plunge Pools Trends Melbourne

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Plunge Pool Trends Melbourne

Hot tub/plunge pool combo

The first of our Plunge Pool Trends Melbourne is a hot rub and plunge pool combo.

What could beat the perfection of dual relaxation spaces of a side-by-side hot tub and plunge pool?

This option is great for those seeking a dynamic aquatic experience with a seamless transition between warm and cool.

Aqua ledge

A built-in aqua ledge is a stylish and practical addition to any plunge pool design.

This submerged platform creates a shallow lounging area, marrying luxury with functionality.

It creates the perfect spot for a gentle dip or sun-soaked relaxation.

Fence-line lap pool

Imagine replacing your fence with a lap pool. The sleek and contemporary design of a lap pool combined with the size of a plunge pool maximises space efficiency and utilising it as a space divider doubles its functionality.

Tiny pool house

A tiny pool deserves a tiny pool house. Transform your pool area into a versatile retreat with an indoor haven for you and your guests. It’s like a pool house, only plunge pool size.

Build into the deck

Deck-built plunge pools create a cohesive space where the pool becomes an integral part of the deck design.

This is a great space saver and when space is already an issue, incorporating your plunge pool into the deck just makes sense.

Plunge Pools Trends Melbourne

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Natural surroundings

Embrace nature by integrating your plunge pool into your existing outdoor landscapes. Set your plunge pool into a grassy flat or nestle it among lush greenery to seamlessly merge with the natural surroundings for a serene and picturesque escape in the city’s heart.

Sliding Cover

Where ever an inch of space is precious, a sliding cover for your plunge pool is the perfect solution. Slide it back to reveal your pool, or keep it closed to regain the space with a sturdy cover. This feature combines aesthetics with functionality.

Get ready for 2024

Melbourne’s 2024 plunge pool landscape promises a fusion of luxury, innovation, and functionality. Dive into a world where relaxation meets design, setting the stage for a new era in sophisticated aquatic living.

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